Marko Saric Reveals's Remarkable Journey: 0 to 12,600+ Paying Subscribers Without Spending a Dime!

In this episode, Carl interviews Marko Saric, co-founder of, a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. Marko shares insights into their unique approach to content marketing, product development, and pricing strategy.

Marko discusses how focuses on creating content based on internal needs and industry trends rather than traditional SEO optimization. Despite this approach, a significant portion of their traffic comes from branded searches, highlighting the effectiveness of their content strategy.

He emphasizes the long-term impact of content marketing, noting that while immediate spikes in sign-ups are rare, consistent publishing of quality content eventually leads to increased traffic and revenue.

Addressing the challenge of understanding the audience for businesses whose owners aren't part of the target market, Marko suggests leveraging tools, speaking to customers, and closely monitoring feedback to better cater to their needs.

Marko also highlights the importance of maximizing the value of analytics by setting up custom events to track specific user actions, allowing for deeper insights into user behavior and conversion paths.

Regarding's marketing strategy, Marko discusses their success with long-form sales pages and the potential future introduction of a free tier to reach a broader audience while maintaining their commitment to user privacy.

Throughout the conversation, Marko emphasizes the importance of transparency, community-building, and providing value to customers, which have been instrumental in's success in the competitive analytics market.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into's journey, challenges, and strategies for success, offering inspiration and guidance for entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

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