Scaling SaaS: Lessons from Rao Chejarla, CEO of SaaSLogic

In this episode of the SaaS Growth Podcast, host Carl interviews Rao Chejarla, founder of Xspeed Software and SaaSLogic.

We discuss the complexities of subscription management and billing in the SaaS industry and how SaaSLogic helps businesses manage flexible pricing models and integrate with financial systems like QuickBooks.

Rao shares insights on transitioning from a custom software business to a SaaS product company, and offers valuable tips on scaling SaaS products, addressing data residency issues, and achieving GDPR compliance. The conversation also touches on the importance of a user-friendly design, leveraging salespeople in early stages, and the challenges of maintaining a cloud-based product as a global enterprise.

00:00 Introduction
00:07 Meet Rao Cherjala and SaaSLogic
00:29 Understanding SaaSLogic's Subscription Management
04:38 Benefits of Outsourcing Subscription Management
06:10 Experimenting with Pricing Models
10:18 Scaling SaaS Products: Lessons and Challenges
18:48 Transitioning from Custom Solutions to SaaS Products
22:16 Sales Strategies and Product-Led Growth
30:06 Global Compliance and Data Residency
32:40 Conclusion and Contact Information

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